What Are Credit Card Bin Numbers And How They Are Useful?

The first six digits of a credit card are collectively known as credit card bin number or credit card bank identification number. Credit card bin is a unique number that is used to identify the financial institution, which issued a particular credit card. It is also known as IIN stands for Institutional Identification Number. Credit card bin numbers help you in finding out the name of the issuer along with the type and category of a credit card. With the help of a credit card bin #, you can also locate the URL and phone number of the issuing bank. For example, with the help of credit card bin numbers, you can find out if the card in question is a Visa card having a premium card category or not. Each credit card has its own credit card bin range and you can find out credit card bin ranges at the Wikipedia website. The credit card bin format gives you a number of other additional information as well.

The data of almost all the credit card bin numbers is stored in credit card bin database. Whenever a user needs to find information regarding a particular credit card bin, he or she will conduct a process of credit card bin look up that generates another process of credit card bin search. The search process will look up the entire credit card bin database list and return the records matching with the query of the user.

You can have a credit card bin database download free of cost from a number of websites over the Internet. You can use this database for credit card bin number search to verify and authorize credit card bin numbers. In addition to credit card database download, you can also check credit cards bin numbers free on different websites online. These websites allow you to verify certain number of credit card bin numbers from their credit card bin base. You can enter any bin in search query for credit card bin validation.

As a credit card bin numbers database contains thousands of records, a software known as credit card bin checker is used for the process of credit card bin check. You can also find a number of different types of credit card bin checker software over the Internet. You can also use the credit card bin checker online or you can request for a credit card bin checker download so that you can install it at your workplace or desktop.

Credit card bin numbers are very effective in preventing fraudulent transaction online as well as in the offline environment. You can install credit card bin database at shopping malls, online portals, websites, restaurants, shops and at places, which accept electronic payment through credit card. If you have credit card bin list installed, you can check credit card bin visa, Master, American Express and other credit cards. However, make sure that your credit card bin database is accurate and your credit card bin verifier is easy to use.

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